What they are saying about "Rude Boy Rude Girl" the new single!

The music media are responding very favourably to our new single offering "Rude Boy Rude Girl"

The single, which is due out on December 19th on all formats, is a ray of sunshine after a year of troubled times.

Frivolous maybe, but lets lighten the mood and sing along.

Here's a couple of reviews - 

Stephen Shafer (The Duff Guide To Ska)

" The Skapones new single "Rude Boy Rude Girl" (7" vinyl single/CD single/digital, Cosa Nostra Records, 2020) is tailor-made to lift one's mood and lend some much-needed hope and joy during these crap plague times (it's an updated "pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and do the ska" morale-booster!). "Rude Boy Rude Girl" is a fantastic, super-upbeat, sing-along-to-the-chorus 2 Tone/calypso cut celebrating ska's sound, vision, and attitude ("White boy, black girl/2 Tone through and through/Dr. Martens, pork pie hats/Tonic suits and monkey boots/They do the ska/They do the rocksteady/Rude boy, rude girl get ready...Whatcha gonna do/When the ska takes hold of you?"). My wonderful former bandmate Pamela Anderson-Buckley of Rude Boy George provides steel drum-sounding keys, and Carlos Russell of Argentina's Malambo Ska contributes percussion. The flip is a version of The Skapones' terrific fourth single/theme song, "Skapones A Go Go (Live)."



Guy Shankland ( Original Rock)

" Rude Boy Rude Girl’ out on December 19th. 

I need some fucking sunshiiiine… Christ, just a glimmer, a glimmer of hope in this Tier 1-2-3 Covid kissed madness we live in today. Then, as if on queue The Skapones release their knees up, chin out, sky blue single ‘Rude Girl Rude Boy’. Suddenly for just a couple of minutes the clouds part and beers are poured lazily into chilled glasses as the band add a healthy splash of calypso to this already infectious 2-Tone sound. ‘Rude Boy Rude Girl’ is a much-needed distraction from Cummings, Johnson, Rabb and Hancock shit show we are being visually force-fed over our daily cornflakes. Let the skanking and smiling commence! The B-side is a live version of ‘Skapones A-Go-Go’ which is another reason to go out and support these salt of the earth Rudies. 

‘Rude Boy Rude Girl’ is out on Dec19th on all the usual streaming platforms"


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