The Skapones are a 2Tone Ska band based in the Tees Valley in England.

The ensemble got together to play a music that they all love, and the chaps intend to perform a selection of 2 Tone anthems and
other foot stomping tunes, with the objective of making you dance and smile.
The debut original album of material " Cradle To Grave" is due for release in early 2018.
The Ultimate party band


"Cradle To Grave" gets Forkster Music Promotions Ska Album Of The Year 2018! 

In more astounding news for us, we can announce  that US music promotions website Forkster, one of the most renowned music sites on the globe, has actually done a big feature on the band and made us their SKA ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2018!!

Massive thanks to Tim at Forkster for the in depth review and making us the Ska Album of The Year is an amazing feat.

We'd like to thank everyone who has bought the CD  (GATEFOLD VINYL SOON COME!!)  - we are almost sold out on the 2nd print run now , it really has been a mad 18 months in our lives.

Heres the review and announcement from Forkster Music Promotions - 



The Skapones A Go Go! - USA Tour 2019 offer & Crowdfund appeal  


Yes - and we cant quite believe it ourselves. There is interest in us as a  band and our original tunes have sparked people into life in the United States which really is an out of this world situation!

We have the prospect of playing in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, New Orleans, and the west coast - the offers have quite blown us away


Problem we have is that the music industry has changed beyond recognition and there are no longer record companies or big sponsors to take you on tour and the way forward nowadays is to use a crowdfunding platform so here we are- we have launched  a crowd funder appeal to try and raise funds to get over to the USA.

This may work and it may not work but the chance to do this based around the offers is an amazing thing- an astonishing thing!

So...the long and short of it is that we need individual sponsors to help us. This is hopefully, where you guys come in- 

We have a few rewards to give away per sponsor an d they are all listed on the crowdfund site which is linked to below - 




SO, thank you to all our supporters so far, its a fantastic thing you do.

If you can help, that'd be great. Thanks a million in advance. and thank you for your continued support


The Skaps xxx



Skapones A Go Go - 2018 In Brief 

The year seems to be flying by and we have had a great year, The album has gone from strength to strength and is on the verge of another sell out.

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the vinyl album version of "Cradle To Grave"- EXCITED!!! that's due any time soon.

We have had some great festival appearances, played with our 2Tone legend heroes, played all over the UK and really had a crammed pack year

Next year seems to be more of the same with dates running out fast and some amazing trips abroad on the cards 

We are currently working on new material, one item being a very brave concept album but why not push the boundaries a bit? Isn't that what music is about?

As a band,  we have discovered some great songwriters and lyricists which has been a revelation, and we are writing new stuff as we speak.

Its all go, but we wouldn't have it any other way. 2019 is rushing at us fast and we will be hitting the year running! If you are a promoter/venue owner and you

fancy booking The Skapones in 2019, then I wouldn't leave it too long. This year we have had to turn down lots of work due to that fact we were booked up

completely and next year looks like its heading the same way. 

Lastly-  we'd like to thank each and every one of you who have been involved with us for your support. It means a great deal to us it really does. A lot of you have

been with us since day one back in 2013 and have seen us grow and become confident  as we stretch our wings, so thanks- you're all brilliant.

Onwards and upwards - Who knows what else 2019 will bring.

Much Love

The Skaps xx


Hi chaps -  trust you are all well.

We now have the official date for the digital download of our album "Cradle To Grave" and its going to be Monday September 24th.

This, as it has been with the three singles previously, available from all good download stores like iTunes/ Amazon/ Google Play/ CD Baby/ Spotify amongst many

So don't forget to download and send us soaring in the Reggae album charts! We will post the links when they become active- Thanks chaps


Cradle To Grave Sells Out!! 

Wow!! What can we say? We really are pretty much gobsmacked,

The first run of "Cradle To Grave" has completely sold out- Thank you very much to each and every one of you who purchased our album!

Another pressing has been ordered!

The reviews keep coming in and its really thrown us ant  the great comments and kind words and pretty much makes it all worth while.

You lot rock!!!

Work on the "tricky 2nd album" has already started.

Stay tuned!


Cradle To Grave debut album IS HERE!!! 

Yes- the debut album is with us!

 It looks fab- It sounds fab!

Huge thanks to Paul Ayriss who produced this little beauty and Yorkie and Adam at Cram Duplication

Thank you to all of you who have ordered and continue to do so- 


We are now launching  it on download and GATEFOLD VINYL!!! Yummmmm

Early reviews have been fabulous as well-  Thank you to all!!!!

we are quite excited as you can tell LOL




Cradle To Grave - The Debut album almost upon us!!! 

Excitement is building in Camp Skapones as the debut album is almost ready to go.

The music is mixed & mastered, the artwork almost done and the duplication paid for!

Here's a little teaser and we mean little LOL. 

A full video teaser of all 12 tracks to be launched on 12th August!

Stone Valley Festival was a blast! 

June 29th saw us hit our third festival of the year after Nice n Sleazy and Party In The Park and this time we had the honour of opening up the rapidly growing Stone Valley festival in Stanhope, Co. Durham. 

Stunning weather made the event extra special but it was fabulous to see so many people turn out for our 6.30pm opening slot to pretty much fill the tent at one point and we thoroughly enjoyed the occasion and hope to be back - Nice to see our original stuff be well received as well. Big thanks to Paul ,John & the Stone Valley team. 

A few pics tell the story anyway LOL


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