Hello people- 

Hope you are still all keeping well in this bizarre time of ours.

We have fantastic news to announce and that is we are releasing a very limited edition 7" vinyl single with our American brothers The Detroit Riddim Crew! This is going to be brilliant. the 7" vinyl will be available in the United Kingdom and the United States. The Crew are a very talented bunch of musos with a great rhythmic sound and their track will be "Do Something" and ours will be "The Girl Inside", which will be very cool to have on vinyl. This will come in a plain sleeve and label sticker just like the old skool Jamaican releases, they are extremely limited edition so we will post the link when they are available and once they're gone...they're gone!! 

Check out the Detroit Riddim Crew on bandcamp-

There will be a digital download of the track also coming out via all good download stores/apps etc...

With thanks to Yorkie Design & Art for the cover design.

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