What a difference a month makes - Coronovirus update

Hi guys

Hope this finds you well.

We are living in troubled and unprecedented times. The Corona virus outbreak has just dawned when we played at Stramash in Edinburgh on March 14th (our last gig) and on driving into the normally crowded bustly city we could see how deserted it was.

The gig itself was good as ever in Stramash but numbers were down and it was obvious that this was being taken seriously

we felt edgy and glad to get back to our familes. Fast forward a month and the devastation and terror this evil bug has caused is unbelievable and no where else has been hitten harder than venues and live music. The Skapones have had the gig guide decimated along with 100s of other bands all over the world as this chaotic monster tightens its grip. Seeing the live streaming via social media and other matters keeping music ticking over has been fantastic and heart warming but it cannot compare top the live experience but until we all do as required i.e. social distancing, and sticking to the lockdown here in the UK then its only that way that normality of some kind can resume, So please, wash your hands regularly, keep your distance and stay at home where possible.

Together we can beat it but we all need to be pulling the same way. 

We love you all and want you to stay safe and well. We ill see you on the other side for one helluva party!


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