The Skapones A Go Go! - USA Tour 2019 offer & Crowdfund appeal


Yes - and we cant quite believe it ourselves. There is interest in us as a  band and our original tunes have sparked people into life in the United States which really is an out of this world situation!

We have the prospect of playing in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, New Orleans, and the west coast - the offers have quite blown us away


Problem we have is that the music industry has changed beyond recognition and there are no longer record companies or big sponsors to take you on tour and the way forward nowadays is to use a crowdfunding platform so here we are- we have launched  a crowd funder appeal to try and raise funds to get over to the USA.

This may work and it may not work but the chance to do this based around the offers is an amazing thing- an astonishing thing!

So...the long and short of it is that we need individual sponsors to help us. This is hopefully, where you guys come in- 

We have a few rewards to give away per sponsor an d they are all listed on the crowdfund site which is linked to below - 




SO, thank you to all our supporters so far, its a fantastic thing you do.

If you can help, that'd be great. Thanks a million in advance. and thank you for your continued support


The Skaps xxx



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